A Failed Atempt

I was very excited to go see Beer Wars last night with all of the hype surronding this event. We sat down to watch the movie and the intro started to play it was a combination of beer facts and small clips of a couple of brewers. Ten to fifteen minutes go buy and we all expected the movie to start when the intro starts to play a second time. The theater was starting to get a bit restless at this point. After the intro finished playing the second time and had started to play for a third time we all had been sitting in the theater for about a half an hour and getting very frustrated. One of the employees of the theater comes in and says they are experiencing technical difficulties. The intro had stopped playing at this time and they were fiddling with the DVR that the movie was stored on, because out here on the west coast we did not get the live feed, the screen starts showing all kinds of errors. At this point the chances of seeing the movie did not seem good and I would be proved right very soon. The theater lights were turned all the way up and the employee came back in and said that the hard drive that the movie was stored on had crashed. There is a chance that there is going to be an encore pretension of Beer Wars but the theater employees did not seem to know when this would be. So until I find out when a second showing is going to be and I finaly get to see this movie I would love to here what people thought that were able to see beer wars. Look forward for monday when I will debut my new weekly post of Beer of the Week.


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