Beer of the Week Dogfish Head Aprihop

dogfish-aprihop1The beer that I have decided to bring to you as my first beer of the week is Dogfish Heads Aprihop. Aprihop is one of the spring seasonal from Dogfish Head in Delaware but it is the only one that is available out here in California. Their beer first became avalible in California about a year ago and have slowly been releasing new beers to this market ever since. The Aprihop is not a very hoppy IPA but does have a wonderful hop flavor and aroma from the whole hops used witch is balanced perfectly with the fresh apricots used. If I heard that almost any other brewer was making this beer I probably would have stayed away but they a certain flair for being able to combine different flavors to make a wonderful beer and this one does not disappoint. First of this beer is 7% abv and 30 IBUs.  It poured  a medium amber color with about a one inch white head. For my personal taste I usually enjoy an IPA with a much grater hop character but because this beer is brewed with apricots I was happy with the subtle hop flavor and aroma the balanced well with the apricots. The beer was well carbonated witch mad it easy to go down. I would recommend this beer to any one who is looking to try something new or any one who likes good beer. You should be able to find this beer any where that good beer is sold for about $9-10 a four pack. I would give this beer 4 out of 5. Enjoy.


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