Beer of the Week: Lagunitas 2009 Correction Ale

lagunitas-2009-correctionThis is the new seasonal release from one of my favorite breweries. Lagunitas is located in Petaluma California and is know for there strong and hoppy beers. The 2009 Correction Ale weighs in at 6.33% abv and 74.2 IBU’s. There is some discussion whether this beer is and IPA or a double IPA but I will just call it a nice strong IPA. It pours a nice clear golden color with a thin one inch head that slowly dissipates. The first thing you notice when you bring the glass to your mouth is a strong floral and pine hop aroma wafting from the glass. The beer is pretty thin and does not have much of a malt character. But then the strong hop flavor hits you and last well after the beer is swallowed. The beer finish dry with a strong hop character. This is a fantastic beer that is definitely designed around the hops. This would be a great beer for some one who has been enjoying good  IPA’s and has been trying to move to double or imperial IPA’s. This beer bridges the gap between an IPA and a double IPA. Go out and pick up a bottle our two of this great spring beer while it is still on the shelves.


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