Breckenridge Brewery


This is my first post about my recent trip to Denver. The first stop that I made in this great beer town was at the Breckenridge Brewery right down the street from Coors Field in down town Denver. I was here a couple of years ago enjoyed the beer and wanted to see what they were up to now. The first beer that I tried was the 471 small batch IPA from there 471 series of small batch beers. The 471 IPA is a double IPA with a 9.2% abv and 70 IBUs. I really enjoyed this beer but it was not the DIPA’s that we are use to out here on the west cost.  It had a bit of British flavor with the use of Fuggle hops and a British ale yeast. It was a very good IPA that is a little sweater and little less hoppy than the hop monsters I am use to but still very good. The second beer that I had was the 2220 Red (5.5% abv). A clean crisp Red with a bit of a hoppy touch is one of my favorite beer styles and this one did not disappoint. The menu said that it was a tad bit hoppier than its older brother Avalanche Amber Ale and it was noticeable. This was a fantastic beer and I would drink it all the time if it were available in the Bay Area. The final beer that I IMG_0118had was their Oatmeal Stout (4.95% abv). This was a classic example of this great style of beer. This was the perfect beer to finish my night with its coffee and chocolate notes. The stout had a wonderful mouthfeel that was creamy and smooth.  Every beer that I have ever had from Breckenridge has been excellent and I hope that one day we will be able to pick up a six pack over here in the Bay Area. In the next few days there will more reviews of my adventures in Denver.

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