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Beer of the Week: Napa Smith Brewing Lost Dog

100276This weeks Beer of the Week is Napa Smith Brewing’s Lost Dog Red Ale that comes in at 7.2% abv. This is not a typical example of the Red Ale style seeing that the beer pours more of a golden orange color than the typical deep red. The beer also does not have the typical strong malt base with a significant hop character. Having said this it is still a very goo d beer just not what I was expecting. The beer does pour a golden orange with a nice frothy head that dissipates to about a half inch that leaves decent lacing. The beer has a very faint aroma that is not very distinctive but is most likely from the hops. The beer has  a roasted malt flavor with just the slightest hint of hop character and almost a peppery flavor. This beer has a great dry finish which I love in a Red Ale. The Lost Dog has a very thin mouthfeel with a heavier than expected carbonation. I overall enjoyed this beer but I feel that calling it a Red Ale is just a bit misleading. The beer is evaluable in 22oz bottles for around $5.

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Beer of the Week: Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere

harvest-SOHEM_bottleThis weeks beer of the week is Sierra Nevada’s Southern Hemisphere that is 6.7% abv and has 66 ibus. This is part of Sierra Nevada’s Harvest Series which includes the Chico Estate and Wet Hop Pale Ales that are availible at different times throught the year. This beer features fresh hops from New Zealand because they harvest their hops in the spring time instead of the fall like we do up here in the northern hemisphere. The hops were picked, dried, shipped to Chico and put into the kettle with in one week. This beer was first made for the fist time last year and was the first US made beer to feature fresh New Zealand hops. The beer pours a nice golden copper color with an nice light refreshing hop aroma. The beer does not have that typical American Pale Ale taste that we are use to because of the use of New Zealand Motueka and New Zealand Southern Cross hops but it is still wonderful. The malt base is strong for a pale ale but the refreshing fresh hops are very noticeable with a nice citrus and grapefruit flavor. The smoth mouthfeel makes this beer an easy drinker. This is a great pale ale for those hot summer days that have come so quickly this year. The Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere is available in 24oz bottles for about $4 and is available now.

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Beer of the Week: Lagunitas 2009 Correction Ale

lagunitas-2009-correctionThis is the new seasonal release from one of my favorite breweries. Lagunitas is located in Petaluma California and is know for there strong and hoppy beers. The 2009 Correction Ale weighs in at 6.33% abv and 74.2 IBU’s. There is some discussion whether this beer is and IPA or a double IPA but I will just call it a nice strong IPA. It pours a nice clear golden color with a thin one inch head that slowly dissipates. The first thing you notice when you bring the glass to your mouth is a strong floral and pine hop aroma wafting from the glass. The beer is pretty thin and does not have much of a malt character. But then the strong hop flavor hits you and last well after the beer is swallowed. The beer finish dry with a strong hop character. This is a fantastic beer that is definitely designed around the hops. This would be a great beer for some one who has been enjoying good  IPA’s and has been trying to move to double or imperial IPA’s. This beer bridges the gap between an IPA and a double IPA. Go out and pick up a bottle our two of this great spring beer while it is still on the shelves.

Beer of the Week Dogfish Head Aprihop

dogfish-aprihop1The beer that I have decided to bring to you as my first beer of the week is Dogfish Heads Aprihop. Aprihop is one of the spring seasonal from Dogfish Head in Delaware but it is the only one that is available out here in California. Their beer first became avalible in California about a year ago and have slowly been releasing new beers to this market ever since. The Aprihop is not a very hoppy IPA but does have a wonderful hop flavor and aroma from the whole hops used witch is balanced perfectly with the fresh apricots used. If I heard that almost any other brewer was making this beer I probably would have stayed away but they a certain flair for being able to combine different flavors to make a wonderful beer and this one does not disappoint. First of this beer is 7% abv and 30 IBUs.  It poured  a medium amber color with about a one inch white head. For my personal taste I usually enjoy an IPA with a much grater hop character but because this beer is brewed with apricots I was happy with the subtle hop flavor and aroma the balanced well with the apricots. The beer was well carbonated witch mad it easy to go down. I would recommend this beer to any one who is looking to try something new or any one who likes good beer. You should be able to find this beer any where that good beer is sold for about $9-10 a four pack. I would give this beer 4 out of 5. Enjoy.

A Failed Atempt

I was very excited to go see Beer Wars last night with all of the hype surronding this event. We sat down to watch the movie and the intro started to play it was a combination of beer facts and small clips of a couple of brewers. Ten to fifteen minutes go buy and we all expected the movie to start when the intro starts to play a second time. The theater was starting to get a bit restless at this point. After the intro finished playing the second time and had started to play for a third time we all had been sitting in the theater for about a half an hour and getting very frustrated. One of the employees of the theater comes in and says they are experiencing technical difficulties. The intro had stopped playing at this time and they were fiddling with the DVR that the movie was stored on, because out here on the west coast we did not get the live feed, the screen starts showing all kinds of errors. At this point the chances of seeing the movie did not seem good and I would be proved right very soon. The theater lights were turned all the way up and the employee came back in and said that the hard drive that the movie was stored on had crashed. There is a chance that there is going to be an encore pretension of Beer Wars but the theater employees did not seem to know when this would be. So until I find out when a second showing is going to be and I finaly get to see this movie I would love to here what people thought that were able to see beer wars. Look forward for monday when I will debut my new weekly post of Beer of the Week.