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Beer of the Week: Full Sail Slipknot

42211This weeks Beer of the Week is Full Sail’s Slipknot which one gold at the 2008 World Beer Championship. This is the first release of 2009 for the Brewmaster Reserve series of beers that they have been producing for more than ten years. The Slipknot is an Imperial IPA with 7.8% abv and around 80 IBUs. This beer pours a clear golden color with a one inch white head. There is a noticeable hop aroma that is more on the piny side. The flavor is more of a subtle hop up front for an imperial IPA but finishes with a strong hop flavor. The malt base is the first thing you taste followed by a bitter hop finish. The hop flavor is definitely more on the pine side than the floral or citrus flavors that are usually more predominate in this style. The mouth feel is also a little thin for a beer of almost 8% abv. The beer is very drinkable and would recommend picking one up soon before they are all gone. Slipknot should be off the shelves soon because the next Brewmaster Reserve beer, Imperial Porter, is available now.

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