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Beer of the Week: Napa Smith Brewing Lost Dog

100276This weeks Beer of the Week is Napa Smith Brewing’s Lost Dog Red Ale that comes in at 7.2% abv. This is not a typical example of the Red Ale style seeing that the beer pours more of a golden orange color than the typical deep red. The beer also does not have the typical strong malt base with a significant hop character. Having said this it is still a very goo d beer just not what I was expecting. The beer does pour a golden orange with a nice frothy head that dissipates to about a half inch that leaves decent lacing. The beer has a very faint aroma that is not very distinctive but is most likely from the hops. The beer hasĀ  a roasted malt flavor with just the slightest hint of hop character and almost a peppery flavor. This beer has a great dry finish which I love in a Red Ale. The Lost Dog has a very thin mouthfeel with a heavier than expected carbonation. I overall enjoyed this beer but I feel that calling it a Red Ale is just a bit misleading. The beer is evaluable in 22oz bottles for around $5.

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