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Beer of the Week: Russian River Pliny the Elder

plinyThis weeks Beer of the Week is Russian River Brewing Company’s flag ship beer Pliny the Elder. This beer is renowned for being one of the best Imperial IPA’s in the world. First off this beer is an Imperial IPA with 8% abv and some where around 100 IBU’s that has won gold medals at both the World Beer Cup and The Great American Beer Festival. The beer pours a hazy golden yellow with a hint of orange with a frothy one inch white head that dissipates quickly. The aroma of this beer is all pine, grass and grapefruit hop aromas and no off putting alcohol that is common in this style. The beer has a nice malt backbone but from there on it is all hops but not overwhelming. The hop flavors start with a nice citrus flavor that transform into a dry slightly bitter finish. The hop flavor will stay with you a little while after you are done with the beer. It has a nice almost smooth mouthfeel. It is very drinkable and refreshing for a beer with almost a 100 IBU’s. This is one of my favorite beers of all time but those of you who are not hop heads yet you can give Russian Rivers Blind Pig IPA a try. It has similar flavors but just on a smaller scale. Pliny The Elder can be found on tap and in 500 ml bottles all over the Bay Area and is distributed to Southern California and a couple other states.

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Mirror Mirror at City Beer Store

So I made the trek up to the city last night to try Deschutes Mirror Mirror on tap and let me tell you this beer was well worth the drive. The beer tasted like a cross between a pale ale and a barely wine. The good news for all of you that did not get to try this beer last night the guys from Deschutes Brewery said that bottles of Mirror Mirror will be at City Beer within two weeks and this beer will age for up to five years in the bottle. So pick up a few extra bottles and compare them over the years. As a bonus last night I was able to try Russian River Brewing Rejection. Rejection is a 6% Belgium brown and fantastic.